Expressive and aromatic

Highly expressive and aromatic, the Mâcon-Villages is a well-structured, lively wine with a soft finish and citrus notes.  This is a highly pleasurable wine that can be enjoyed at any time.  Thanks to its versatility, liveliness, roundness and aromatic complexity, this wine is sufficiently well-balanced to make it the perfect match for many different dishes.  It will even work wonders with sushi or goat’s cheese.

Matches made in heaven

Sushi and goat’s cheese may go well with our Mâcon-Villages, but they’re by no means the only dream pairing.  This wine can be enjoyed to its fullest as an aperitif, or with seafood dishes such as oysters, grilled prawns or even a tuna tataki.  We would also recommend serving our Mâcon-Villages with grilled or steamed fish.