Matisco Style

Great terroirs, best practices, for beautiful emotions

For a passionate professional, top requirement is a every day priority. Wine lovers and connaisseurs pay more and more attention to nuances.
This is the reason of the growing success of Bourgogne with its hundred of “clos”, “climats” and “lieux-dits”.
We produce wines for trained palates and for buyers looking for the uniqueness of each appellation and its subtle variations along the successive vintages.

The winegrowers to whom we buy grapes or the wines before ageing (oh wonderful chardonnay…)
run family-Estates that convey the same values as we do.
We pretty know their practices and their art. Each year we walk along their plots and taste together the grapes.
For there are no great wines without gorgeous grapes.


Richard et Stéphane Martin are commited to valorizing Mâconnais vineyard and to reveal the local terroirs. They vinify in a contemporary way, following their intuition inspired from the harvest.

We determine the most favourable harvest period, according to the analysis of the main criteria (sugar and PH), by observing and also by tasting the grapes.
Each vintage proves unic.

The meteorology around the harvest period is another important criteria in the decision making. A sunny and dry wheather, however neither too windy nor too hot, is ideal.
We also avoid a over matured harvest, which makes vinifying all the more difficult.

Each vintage is a challenge and we take into account all parameters, not only meteorology but also technic, logistic and human parameters.

Added to the 2000 years old Bourgogne oenologic knowledge, both our own experience and our trustful relationship with our oenologist allow us to enhance the natural harvest potential with the utmost precision.

We want the process to be dynamic and short, in a fresh atmosphere, with a perfect hygiena.

Thanks to the yeal’s job while alcoholic fermentation, the juice gradually gets transformed into wine.

Malolactic fermentation then starts spontaneously. It is a matter of harmony and of personnalisation.

This traditional process takes from 8 to 18 months according to each cuvée.

Bottling requires much attention. We first bottle our Mâcon-Villages, whereas our Pouilly-Fuissé is bottled later.

We aim at protecting the quality of the wine, for the consumers to appreciate their quality, nuances and their authenticity as long as possible.

100 is the ideal mark for a wine, the utmost quality, so high a summit to be ever reached. Nevertheless, we try and make the right decisions for the potential of each terroir to be fully expressed. To each wine its freshness, consistency, and elegance. Therefor we get involved with energy, know-how and passion.