Meet our team

With the creation of the Maison Matisco, Richard and Stéphane Martin are continuing the work begun by their father, Maurice Martin, fifty years earlier.

Brought up among the vines, they learned all they needed to know about the dedication and passion required to create extraordinary wines, wines that express the infinite different nuances of their terroirs, wines that enthral, and wines that people remember as unique experiences.

These two brothers are surrounded by a small, tightly knit team of of passionate and client-focused people.

Richard Martin

Richard is the cellar master and practices the art of winemaking with care, patience and precision. Each wine is a subtle creation which blends the aromas with the right concentration and balance of flavours. Day after day, Richard works to master this delicate art. He is also the ambassador for Maison Matisco, promoting it to a wide range of international clients.

Stéphane Martin

Stéphane is only happy when he’s among the vines. A man of the earth, he loves silence and light and constantly works to monitor the precious ecosystem around these miraculous vitis vinifera. There is nobody better able to detect the signs – imperceptible to others – which will tell him what needs to be done day after day, season after season, right up to the harvest.


Maison Matisco is proud to provide our clients with the best possible service. Benoît handles logistics, guaranteeing that each client’s orders arrive safe and sound.